Official Statement on Fraudulent Production Assistant Jobs

14 May, 2018

We have been made aware that someone is posing as a Hasbro employee and contacting individuals regarding open Production Assistant jobs. If you have been contacted about an upcoming shoot or open Production Assistant role, please be advised that this is part of a phishing scheme. Hasbro is not recruiting for any Production Assistant roles at this time.


This scheme involves a series of communications, including a request for personal information, and the timely deposit of a fraudulent check, with a request to return part of the funds. Hasbro would never mail a check to a candidate and then ask them to reimburse funds to us.


At Hasbro, we take this very seriously and will be working with law enforcement to investigate. If you are unsure whether your communications with Hasbro concerning job opportunities are legitimate, please email us at


If you have been in contact with someone regarding this fraudulent position, we encourage you to contact the Anti Phishing Working Group, a public-private partnership against cybercrime: You can also file a complaint with the FTC: If you have concerns about identity theft, visit for government resources to report and recover from identify theft.

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